Jewellery Rings


Code : jkht5025
Ring Weight: 13.430 gr 
Jewelry: Red Ruby
Red Ruby: 1.8 Ct


Code : jkht1020
Ring Weight: 15.700 gr 
Stone: Agate
In the design of this ring,
agate is used and half of the crescent is next to the stone


Code : jkht1042
Ring Weight: 22.510 gr 
Stone: Turquoise
The lotus flower in Iranian culture is symbol of hard working people and it was used as a seal during the Achaemenids


Code: jkht1056
Ring Weight: 9.08 gr 
Stone: Turquoise
Touch of colorful butterflies gives
the viewers a sense of touch and seeing nature

Bote Jeghe

Code: jkht1122
Ring Weight: 10.360 gr 
Stone: Turquoise
This Piece Of Art Has Been Designed By Mohammadreza Mahmoudi ,
The Owner Of ‘Torse’ Brand in 2017 As Well , Being Produced By Torse.


Code: jkht2053
Ring Weight: 6.150 gr 
Jewelry: Yellow Ruby 
Yellow Ruby : 2 Ct
This set called Azar , in persian dictionary means brilliance.
The colour of the ruby is displayed in this handmade set

Pearl Ring

Code: jkht2063
Ring Weight: 13.820 gr 
Jewelry: Pearl & Diamond 
Pearl: 2.6 gr 
Diamond: 0.2 Ct


Code: jkht5001
Ring Weight: 17.08 gr 
Jewelry: Diamond
Diamond: 0.75 Ct
The touch of colorful butterflies gives
the viewer a sense of touch and seeing nature

Nillofar Flower

Code : jkht5050
Ring Weight: 22.530 gr 
Jewelry: Diamond
Diamond: 0.97 Ct

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