Jewellery Necklace


Code: jkht 9002
Gold Weight: 21/420 gr
Jewelry: Diamond
Diamond: 5.09 Ct
After sunset, shine of the first star in the sky called Roja


Code: jkht 3010
Gold Weight: 7/570 gr
Jewelry: Red Ruby & Diamond
Red Ruby: 1.24 Ct
Diamond: 0.12 Ct
The Yalda Night is the longest night of the year, and it is one of the oldest Iranian celebrations.
It is planned to eat pomegranate this night. The ruby necklace shines like red pomegranate seeds


Code: jkht 9001 
Gold Weight: 25/880 gr
Stone: Diamond/Red ruby
Diamond: 1/74 ct
Red ruby: 6/04 ct

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