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Those first sparkles of 'Metal Hammer' were raised from a private jewelry design studio on 2003.
The shining milestone behind the success of Metal Hammer is back on 2009 when the pioneer idea of combining hand-made jewelries with Persian traditional valuable art, woodwork and inlay came to his mind.
Since then, every single piece of jewelry made by the brand are following the idea and are inspired by glamoruos elements of Persian culture, such as Toranj,Shamse, Lotus, etc.
The new commercial brand of Metal Hammer to be presented in specified showrooms and branches is called 'Torse', means rainbow, and was introduced on 2014.


Born on 1981, Mohammad Reza Mahmoudi, a jeweler and entrepreneur, is the founder, Chief designer and owner of both Persian jewellery brands, Metal-Hammer and Torse.
Dating back on 1993, he learned the arts, wookwork and inlay (Khatam), together with his life-long master, Salaheddin Allameh. His first steps into jewelry design and jewelry making were taken on 1997.



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